Luxury Palace interior design is filled with the most expensive and fancy decorations. This type of residential property requires the widest scope of areas that are being developed in the highest standard of lay-out and design executions.

In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is where you found a huge number of palaces properties that are owned by VIP, Royal Families, and Countries top leaders. In line with the highest standards of every design details requirement, every property owner would always prefer to choose the team that will develop their palace that is at the top of the list of interior design companies in Jeddah.

From there the company and the whole team will know exactly the details and sequence of work as they have professional experiences in conducting royal style development. In Jeddah, there is one company that always stands out when it comes to developing such royal properties as palaces.

As the team has fully equipped with different advanced technologies and machinery, the company itself has accomplished numerous palaces projects all around the city and even other major cities of Saudi Arabia.


The company and its team have the best reputation when it comes to every project management in Jeddah and internationally. By performing the highest standards in the global industry of architecture and luxury interior design.

Every luxurious project is being handled by the top professional team which has a very skillful ability to perform luxurious projects that crates the most luxurious palace interior design. Luxury Antonovich Design is very well known as the creator of the most prestigious house design such as Royal Villas and Luxury palaces in Jeddah and the rest of the major cities of Saudi Arabia.

Developing a luxurious residential project was indeed such a very challenging task for every project team as it requires the highest standards and the most unique design developments from the planning, organizing up to design implementations, and turnkey solutions. In a different residential project, there will be different requirements when it comes to house planning which will be according to the actual size of the property as well as the concept design needed.


Performing such developments for house plans is one of the major stages of work that is being executed at the first steps of project implementations. It always requires the most expert and professional team that has the full ability to perform the most accurate house planning that will bring out the most required luxury design solutions.

Luxury Antonovich Design creates the most effective house planning that always assures to delivery of the most effective solution that will fit every house design requirement. Being able to deliver the most outstanding services and premium solutions, the team always performs to work in accordance with every timeline which is being followed by making an accurate sequence of how the construction will be made.

Another important task to perform is the structure of the actual space planning development that is a major stage of house planning which shall be done in the most expert solution. Luxury Antonovich Design Company always works with great inspiration to meet the most art deco perfection, especially for every house design.

By performing the best arrangement and development towards every house, The Company and its team always manage to execute the most creative house layout for Royal Palace in Jeddah.


Luxury Antonovich Design always aims to work with a very high objective that will surely contribute an exceptional architectural design that is zoned and mapped out well within the neighborhood where the property is located.

The team always assures to study every project very well most especially for every house design it has the most unique and sophisticated requirements. And when it comes to every design implementation, every project manager, architect, and engineer is very hands-on developing every design detail and fit-out works that guarantee that every part of the house design will have signature touches of luxury design.

By performing the most creative house layout, Luxury Antonovich Design ensures that everything will be accomplished with a very well-constructed from its aesthetics to the most functional house design.